How I Envy the Birds!

Bird at the feeder on the back deck!

Looking at the birds.

Daydreaming I fly with them.

I miss my freedom!

Written for Heeding Haiku with Chevrefueille from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Daydreaming is the prompt.

2 thoughts on “How I Envy the Birds!

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    1. Great question! I meant freedom to travel, which I guess I still have, if I wasn’t concerned about the coronavirus. Yet, your question intrigues me. It comes down to how one defines freedom and if one has ever been completely unable to be all that they were meant to be in God’s eyes, like my ancestors during slavery in the South. Even then, slaveowners couldn’t fully control their thoughts and hopes. To live and work today where I couldn’t have 50 years ago is a great feeling of freedom that was denied to others before me. Lastly, I think that the freedom to choose to love God and decide our actions towards others, even if it costs us our lives, means that we are free indeed. I will admit that even I am not fully satisfied with my answer. The question haunts me!


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