Daring to Dream of Becoming a Published Novelist in My Sixties or Seventies!

As I sit around the house, once again advised not to venture far from home because of the surge in the coronavirus, I wondered if I didn’t need a new dream. So, I am daring to dream of becoming a published novel writer.

I thought about entering the National Novel Writing Month challenge, but I didn’t think of myself as capable of succeeding at writing so many words. But, I saw where some of these offerings actually became bestsellers.

I am particularly inspired by the bloggers my age or older whom I follow who are meeting the Nanowrimo challenge. I eagerly read their comments on their progress and I cheer for them to be successful. So, why don’t I try it, too?

I recently remembered an incident in my first English class at college. I was age 36 and hadn’t been to school in 18 years. When asked to write an essay, I had no clue how to do so. So I just began writing something that I felt passionate about: being seen as insane by family and friends for wanting to and believing that I could fulfill my dreams to leave home and teach at a prestigious university some day.

That first paper was titled, “If This is Insanity, I Hope I’m Never Sane Again!” It earned a grade of C. But the professor wrote on my paper, “Go to the Writing Center and get the help you need, so that you can make the A’s you deserve, or are you crazy?”

It was a defining moment for me, because her interest in my success ( ad her sense of humor) made me want to justify her faith in my abilities. I earned A’s in all of my English classes, save one with a really kooky lady. I wrote many essays, and I loved reading them to the class and receiving applause.

We have no control over the number of our days, but we do have control over how we spend them, if we are still healthy and spry. So, I am going to begin the process of writing that novel I dreamed of completing over thirty years ago, one about overcoming your past through faith and hard work.

I just have to remember that writing a novel begins with that first word! Like walking requires putting one feet in front of the other until you reach your destination, writing means just keep adding words until you reach the end of the story! I think I can do it!

8 thoughts on “Daring to Dream of Becoming a Published Novelist in My Sixties or Seventies!

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  1. Go for it. You have a lot of good life experiences to mine for the truth of fiction. I say that because of a conversation I had with a young African man who I was teaching to sort books for the library he was to manage. He was puzzled about what made the difference between fiction and non-fiction. We had the conversation about a book about a naughty boy. The book was fiction, but contained truth.

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  2. I, too, have sensed a small seed that might grow into writing-that-book that I have not considered until recently. After I talked down the you’re-too-old voices in my head, I have begun to listen a little better to God, enough to hope that maybe success at a long-sought-after project might be the subject matter to focus on? I truly wish I didn’t have to work outside the home, as I honestly could sit and write all day without tiring!!

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    1. I wish you well. I decided to sign up for a Master Class on writing. I retired again when COVID-19 hit, but I miss teaching. Yet, I think i have retired enough and i just to to see writing a book as work, complete with a schedule.


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