Endings Create New Beginnings, and That’s Good!

Not realizing that they are causes for celebration,

We tend to be afraid to face our endings.

But, we can’t move unto fresh horizons,

Without making chances for new beginnings.

The last day of high school finds us in tears,

Scared of what the future for us holds.

Yet, without this needed right of passage,

We would miss new friends and events untold.

When relationships turn bad for our health,

Some remain because they fear being alone.

But endings are made to give us the chance

To find love that doesn’t cause us to hurt or moan.

When reading a good mystery or novel,

Some hope to never get to The End.

But, then you couldn’t enjoy the stories

That other wonderful authors have penned.

So, open your hands and let go of yesterday,

Look ahead to what the new day may bring.

Even though we may not know the future,

New beginnings are, for me, the best of things.

Written for Tale Weaver #301 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompt is The End.

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