Finding Our Strength in Ourselves: What Do You See?

Photo Credit: Phmaxiestevez@Pixabay

She hides as she watches them argue, wondering if this will be the last straw for her mother. Will they finally leave this place and the awful man who insists on always having his way. What is this thing called love, if all it leads to is unhappiness and low self-esteem for women like her mother?

She tries to be as small and invisible as possible, for she knows he doesn’t want her there with them, and she doesn’t want to distract him from this needed encounter. When she had informed her mother that maybe it was best that she leaves, so that he would have her to himself, her mother had told her that she won’t leave her with family members, because she loves her more than anything or anyone in the world.

As her mother enters the house, she sees a difference in her eyes and the set of her shoulders. Joy feels her soul and heart! They are leaving this dreadful place! Her mother has come to recognize that her strength doesn’t rest in being in a relationship with a man, but in her own goodness and faith. They will be fine alone.

Semi-autobiographical story written for What Do You See from Keep It Alive.

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