After the Honeymoon, the Real Work of Marriage Begins!

Kayla laid on her husband’s chest, listening to his heartbeat. She lifted her head and touched her lips to his soft ones, feeling so serene on this new voyage of marriage.

She gets up to fix his favorite breakfast of bacon, two eggs overlight, and toast. This is what he ordered every day of their honeymooon on the island. She isn’t as excellent a cook as the ones in the restaurant, but she believes that she can meet the sacrifice of a good meal.

As he lowers himself into the seat, she sets a plate of food in front of him. But, he frowns and starts to complain, “The bacon isn’t crisp enough, and you didn’t cut the crust from the toast. They did it better at the resturant!”

She allowed herself ten seconds to inhale and exhale deeply, to try and prevent their first argument. She affixed blame solely on him. “I am not a telepath! You have to tell me how you like things, and not assume that I can read your mind,” she said.

“I apologize, my love! You are right,” he responded. She expressed her gratitude for his willingness to see her side. They both went quiet, contemplating between them that marriage will take work on both of their parts. It appears that love isn’t enough!

Fictional story written for Wordle # 215 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: The twelve prompt words are in bold. Also for the Three Things Challenge from wonderful Pensitivity 101: cut, better, and crisp.

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