Enjoying the Earth While We Can: FFFC

Image from Jordan_Singh at Pixabay.com

Janey walked down the sandy path, ahead of the parents,

Clinging to the planet-like balloons that are lighting her way.

What a great day it had been of sand, mountains, and sea,

And her paints in her suitcase had made it a very special day!

She had tried to paint the awesome beauty around her,

To keep its wonder and peacefulness with her forever.

But she found that the scene changed by the moment,

Making it an elusive, though most satisfying, endeavor.

Now, as they head home, where their beds await them,

Mother says that they will return when morning arrives.

For tonight, they each walk with their own memories,

Just thankful that for one more day the earth survives.

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #92. Your Daily Prompt is Cling. The Daily Spur prompt is Forever.

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