Giving Me a Cookbook Don’t Help: Tale Weaver

Received for Christmas, 2020

For the Tale Weaver Challenge for December 24, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie requested that because it is Christmas Eve, respondents write about a gift you received or gave, or about being gifted in some way. I chose the cookbook we received for Christmas. I love the giver, but these are some of the most complicated meals I ever seen!

I am the worst of bad cooks,

Truly challenged to even boil water.

Yet, my friemds insist on gifting

Me with cookbooks every quarter

I find the pictures beautiful,

And I appreciate the sentiment.

But, every time I try a fancy recipe,

The meals I chose aren’t evident.

The problem is that I am accustomed

To thawing my food or getting it to go.

So, giving me cookbooks that I can’t use

Is a waste of your hard-earned dough.

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