Voting is Everything in A Democracy: Weekend Writing Prompt

In a crucible of our democractic right to vote,

Acts by fringe groups tried to take an axe

The principle of the nation: one voice, one vote,

But, thankfully police turned back the attack!

Complacent being complaisant to a despots’s will,

They entered Congress’s halls without warning,

Intent on ravishing people who certify the votes,

They left a country in great sadness and mourning.

The right to vote must be protected and ensured.

Anything less is to betray our nation’s beliefs.

So, we cannot allow anyone to take away the right,

Not even the Congress or the commander in chief.

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt #191 from Sammiscribles. The prompt this week is Crucible in exactly 100 words. Also for Double Take from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Axe and acts, Complacent and Complaisant. Fandango prompt is Ravishing. Ragtag prompt is Fringe. Word of the Challenge is Warning. Your Daily Prompt is Betray. The Daily Spur prompt is Success.

5 thoughts on “Voting is Everything in A Democracy: Weekend Writing Prompt

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  1. The way I see it, they were warned and so were the FBI etc. They were not forceful enough and the violence ensued. A selfie with a mobster? What is this, days of The Godfather? I just hope the threats about the inauguration of Biden are quashed before it’s too late, and B and his group get the protection they deserve.

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  2. It is my deep hope that there is now enough waking up to both protect properly and interrupt the mob and mayhem crew before they take action. Shutting up their encourager in chief will be a good start.

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  3. Well said. I warned people that if Krusty the Klown got elected it would be bad for democracy. Both he and his followers showed how far they were willing to go in an attempt to overthrow the government. This sort of thing can never be taken lightly.
    ~cie from poetry of the netherworld~

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