This Bunny Still Has Some Life in Her!

For Tale Weaver #310 we are asked to write on the prompt Tired and Run Down. Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie states: With a new year upon us and the stresses of 2020 behind us, (or are they), consider the new year and what it brings to us. For many of us older folk, being tired and run down is often a daily event. I want to take another tack.

I am tired some days, admittedly, but not yet run down,

For there is still a lot of juice left in these old batteries.

There are new dreams to fulfill and worlds to conquer,

Places to travel, filled with favorite museums and art galleries.

There are lessons to teach that the young don’t know yet,

So they depend on us to tell how we overcame and survived.

Even though I might want to rest on my laurels sometimes,

I must tell them of my sangfroid in battles tand of how I thrived.

So, I will take the vaccine for COVID-19 in the very near future,

Instead of lapsing into idleness, I plan to keep on doing plenty.

I can rest forever when my number is called from up yonder,

For now, I will keep moving, albeit with tenderness and very gently.

Written for Tale Weaver #310 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Tired and Run Down. We take the vaccination on next Friday. Ragtag prompt is Sangfroid. Fandango prompt is Instead. Word of the day Challenge is Tenderness. Your daily Prompt is Lapse.

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