24-Hour Question: Would I?

From Rory’s 24-Hour Blog Question:

If no one ever read your blog would you still write, keep and maintain the blog or would you change the way you write so as to keep your blog and be read?

Would you change your style to be read more often or would you simply take more steps to encourage readers to read your actual style and build up your own like minded community – or would it not bother you in he slightest?

When I started blogging, there were couple of other new blog posts. Two of them went on to have more tens of thousands of followers, while I struggled to get the first hundred. I thought about quitting, but after the first ten followers, I felt I had an obligation to continue, not wanting to appear like a bad date that lures you in and then you don’t hear from them again.

I actually did change my style to be read more, mainly I started doing the daily prompt and writing stories, rather than Bible studies, which I started the blog to do. But, I found that the stories I wrote were meant to be encouraging, hopeful, funny, and allow people to see our similarities, not our differences, and people commented that they were inspired by them. I still do a Sunday Devotion, as I see myself as foremost a teacher and storyteller And even now when there are days when some post have less than 20 people view them, I still enjoy writing the stories.

When the first person likes the post, I know that I will keep writing them, in hopes that I make someone day. I will admit that sometimes I feel discouraged at so few views and likes and feel to quit, but I am so grateful for the community I have here that often makes the posts I think stink into the most read of all times. I have stopped trying to understand the paradox.

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