Preparing for Fame: Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge

Photo Credit: Tim Grundtner at Pexels. com

Joy thought that the lure of danger as part of the blast of being a gymnast. People think you must be crazy to challenge gravity because eventually you will be hurt, with her grandfather comparing her to the cuckold who lives next door whose wife utilizes very good ruses to help her avoid detection of her corrosive affairs.

But being born ambidextrous and with a desire to always be in motion, Joy started practising in the basement during the dry season, away from the snarls of her grandfather who insisted that she sit and act like a young lady. She would leap and jump until she felt dizzy, all the time laughing and having a great time entertaining herself.

Lately, she has moved her act to the attic, where she seems to actually be able to touch the sky! She can’t wait for trials next week! She knows she will be an Olympian someday, and her grandfather will see that her efforts were not in vain and that she was not crazy at all.

Written for Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #103. Also written for the Wordle #225 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: The twelve prompts are in bold.

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