Defeating My Diet: Weekend Writing Prompt #195

I’m trying to get fit, healthy, and trim,

But I’m the victim of a gargantuan appetite.

It makes me seem to want to eat all day,

And won’t leave me alone through the night.

When I’m on the brink of reaching success,

I feel my cravings taking full control.

I find myself overeating again,

And on weigh-in day, I miss the goal.

I would impugn the belief that willpower

Is lacking for those who fail miserably.

But, the truth of my failure to shed these pounds

Is that my worst enemy turns out to be me.

Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt #195 from Sammiscribbles: Gargantuan in 96 words exactly. Your Daily Prompt is Impugn. Ragtag prompt is Brink.

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