Love Never Dies: A Story of Love for the Sunday Writing Prompt

A Valentine’s Day gift from my Husband, Douglas, two years ago!

She got lost on the way to the latest museum. Traveling alone near Aberdeen, Scotland, she had two things on her mind as she approached a small village: rest and food. She wasn’t looking for romance, as no one had ever shown an interest in her in that way in her twenty-three short years.

He was attempting to reacquaint himself with beauty of his homeland. Having been away at war, he needed the peace and tranquility that he always found in this land of his birth.

Neither had love on their mind, but then love is like that: it comes like a thunderbolt out of the sky, landing on the unsuspecting. A bond that is greater than amity forms with someone who had been a complete stranger just moments before.

He first spotted all of her sightseeing equipment and then the confusion on her face as she read the menu. He walked over and asked if he could help. She smiled up at him, and he was taken aback at the beauty of her chocolate-colored skin.

She said, “I haven’t an idea of what haggis, colcannon, neeps, and rarebit are? I just want a simple meal.” He laughed, and she was enamored of his dimples and kind eyes. After ascertaining that she didn’t have a cast-iron stomach, he ordered her his default item, a grilled chicken club, and he chose haggis fritters for himself.

As they ate their meal, they exchanged only first names, thinking that safer. They spent the next six weeks together, with both seeing the country through each other’s eyes. Before they knew it, she was saying goodbye to her Scottish lad, grateful for the the knowledge that men could see her in a romantic way!

Ten weeks later, she found that she was pregnant, a condition that two specialists had assured her would never happen. She didn’t even know his last name! She gave birth to her three sons and when they asked about their father, she told them that he was a kind and gentle Scotsman.

For the tenth anniversary of their meeting, she took her sons to see this awesome land in which they had been conceived. They had inherited their father’s love of adventure and his dimples. She sat down at the same table, and she laughed when her sons asked her what some of the things on the menu were. She told them just to order the grilled chicken club.

As they were preparing to leave, she heard a gasp and her name called with awe and disbelief. There he was, the one she could never forget! He had come there, too, to recapture the memory of a woman whose last name he had regretted not knowing these ten years.

She introduced him to his sons, and he felt such joy to be a father, for three years after their encounter, he had learned that he had testicular cancer. The treatments had left him infertile, and he had grieved knowing that he would never have his own biological children.

Finally, they exchanged last names, and after spending time traveling together with their sons, she made the easy choice to move with her sons to Scotland, so that they could experience the love of this wonderful man.

The love that was born on a wondrous vacation ten years before sustained their marraige for well over 50 years. Even today, as she mourns his loss from the cancer that returned so suddenly, she still sees his kind eyes and dimples in their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It was a love meant to be and one that will never die!

Fictional story written for the Sunday Writing Prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompt is to write a Story of Love. Fandango prompt is Village. Ragtag prompt is Chocolate. Word of the Day is Mind. Your daily Prompt is Amity. The Daily Spur prompt is Equipment. The Three Things Challenge #509 from Pensitivity 101 is Bond, Inherit, and Default.

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