For Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals, Hiking is So Much Better than Being on a Treadmill

A Very Narrow Bridge on the White Trail at Sweetwater Creek State Park

I have regained my initial goal weight of 125 pounds, and now I plan to move toward my new goal of 120 pounds. It will not be until I am about 122 pounds that I won’t be considered overweight. For me to keep moving in the right direction, I have to exercise at least five days a week. During the coronavirus pandemic, I started to use the tradmill in the basement more than going outside.

But, my feet tend to hurt after I have been on the treadmill, mainly because it is an old one withut a lot of padding on the walking section. Yet, if truth be told, I prefer to be outside, even in the cold of winter. There is a tranquility in the outdoors that is nearly addicting, although it takes more energy.

Last week, we bought a senior’s pass to Georgia state parks for $50 for the year, a deal by any definition. We went to the state park near us, Sweetwater Creek State Park. It has several trails to hike, each named for a different color: white, yellow, red, brown, and green. We decided to hike the white and brown trails, which took us to the very edge of the water there.

I reveled in being next to the rapids and listening to the gurgle of the water, as if being serenaded by nature. There are fewer hikers down there to encounter, because people don’t want to hike back up. I had temporarily forgot that when you go down, you must eventually go back up, and what a grind it was! But, I was also proud of my nearly 70 years that I handled it.

Even more special about being outdoors is hearing the birds, but also experiencing the whimsy that is created when others feel motivated to express their feelings. On the trails are triangle-shaped objects that are the color of the trail you are own, and some people write words of encouragement on them, in English and Spanish.

Amor is love in Spanish
Paz is Peace in Spanish
One Love

I walk further in nature than I do on the treadmill, as I want to experience every bit of nature that I can find. I love the openeness of outdoors and the light of the sun seems to reenergize me as we go along. I take pictures to share and to remember.

I look forward to going hiking at least twice a week, in all of the state parks near us, which allows me to experience the healing power of nature and to reach my goals. Being inside just isn’t the same thing. God’s magnificent gifts are meant for us, and I am determined not to miss a one.

Could someone tell me how to use the gallery feature! It would make things so much easier! Thanks, and Happy Valentine’s Day to lovers of every age!

8 thoughts on “For Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals, Hiking is So Much Better than Being on a Treadmill

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  1. This past year we have been to so many of the Georgia State parks, they are wonderful. I agree that the outdoor walks are better than the treadmill. When I was working I used the machine but my toes got nerve damage. Good shoes on a hiking trail work fine. Have a good day

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  2. I love walking outdoors among the trees.
    Regina, I get callouses under my feet too. I think that is because my circulation is not so good because of having Type 1 diabetes for 49 years now.

    If you can’t find the gallery when you click on the plus to add a block, try clicking on the plus sign at the top left of your page. If you scroll down in the box that pops up, you should be able to find the gallery option. I generally load the photos from photos saved on my computer. I hope that makes sense.

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  3. Beautiful! I’m with you, I’d rather bundle up and be outdoors in nature than do inside exercise. I will work harder, go farther and enjoy the experience so much more. Connecting to the natural world matters. I’ll admit it was challenging with sub zero temps this weekend. And amazingly, I was fine when I bundled up. Although, as my neighbor texted me after her walk yesterday, there was the bit about feeling like a popsicle.

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