Nobody is Ever an Ugly Duckling: Tale Weaver #319

They called me an ugly duckling,

The one that no one would befriend.

But, I saw myself as a swan-in-waiting,

Knowing my beauty would come in the end.

It mattered not to me what others said,

Or of the names they called me to my face.

For I knew that underneath my gray facade,

I was filled with God’s wonder and grace.

Because the value and worth of every person

Aren’t determined by what they look like outside,

There is no such thing as an ugly duckling,

Just beautiful creatures who haven’t hit their stride.

Written for the Tale Weaver #319 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: The prompt: This week write your version of an “Ugly Duckling” story.

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  1. Nor I. I used to have a librarian who had had books published. I thought of asking her to help me, but she retired and I lost track. Pray about it. Meanwhile if you have someone in the family who can draw, ask them to illustrate and begin using it in Bible school or some ministry like that. If God sees your serious to use it, maybe He will open a door.

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