We Are Not as Strong Against Our Temptations as We Think

A bird hoping for some of my food at the beach in Palm Coast, Florida. He didn’t succeed!

This has been a stressful week, with allergy season starting and problems between adult children. Having been successful so far at resisting the temptations of the foods I love for over a year, I decided that even if I had my favorite food in the whole world in the house, I have proven that I possess the necessary self-control.

As we walked the aisles of the store, my eyes saw that there was a new flavor of Oreos, chocolate hazelnut filling, instead of the white filling. I believed that I would probbly eat one of two at various intervals, so no harm done to my diet. I was additionally encouraged when my husband, Douglas, didn’t ask me any questions or say outright that I shouldn’t buy them.

For the first few days, I was good, as everything was great and I wasn’t feeling stressed. But, then, allergy season hit with a vengeance, and all of a sudden, I, like most humans, needed comfort food to help make the days bearable. I looked up the point count for the cookies, and decided that if I have a lunch with all zero point foods, then I figured that I could spare six points for two cookies. Well, needless to say, that didn’t work out as planned.

By the time I was satisfied, I had eaten seven Oreos, or 16 points. My daily allowance took a big hit, as it was just the middle of the day and I still had dinner to add. They were so good, people! I mean exhilaratingly grand! My mouth was a happy place, and it didn’t care about the worries of the rest of my body over too much sugar and having fallen off the wagon, hard.

I was going to throw the rest of the cookies away, but a part of me can’t stand neither getting my money’s worth nor throwing away perfectly good food. I could have asked Douglas to take them to work for his colleagues, which is usually what happens, but I believed that what had occurred was an anomaly, but it was just an overture to the rest of the week, with two of my children arguing and putting me in the middle of it.

Yes, they are adults, both over 50 years old, but when any of them have a grievance with one of the others, it seemed thay want me to take their side and chastise the other one. I generally prefer to stay out of the matter but this was a serious issue that could’ve led to someone being hurt physically, so I tried to intervene, praying to God to give me the right words to say to the one being combative.

I ended up screaming the phrase, “You won’t listen,” over and over again to my son. I was so loud that Douglas was afraid that I would have a stroke, and I, too, was concerned enough to just hang up the call, and leave the situation alone. Children, even adult ones, tend to finally come to some resolution, if others just stay out of it.

By the time they were back to speaking terms, I was eating Oreos like they were water. What occurs is that the sweetness is a temporary cure, leaving behind shame at having no self-control. Douglas will take the remaining cookies to work today, and I realize that if I am to stay healthy, the things that tempt me, meaning all things extraordinarily sweet, I have to leave them in the store. Yes, I can share a dessert with Douglas every once in a while, like on his birthday on Monday, but we can’t have cookies, cakes, pies, and other delights in the house.

I fooled myself into believing that I have become as strong as the temptations I crave, but that is a fool’s move. I had done really good not buying the foods that tend to call my name at 4:00 am or while watching Wallander or another British murder mystery. So, I will leave them in the stores, and thank God that I didn’t eat the whole bag, as I would have before. There is something to be proud of, after all.

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  1. I can really relate to this. I have to be careful not to buy the treats that I gorge on. Some of that is, I believe, a holdover from childhood, when I was skinny and treats were rare and if you wanted any you had to compete or they would all be gone.
    I have found a few that are less tempting, slightly healthier, that I don’t have the childhood habits about, that I can keep around, out of sight on a high shelf, for a treat.

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  2. Regina, you are so hard on yourself.  Just forget the Oreos or whatever it is that tempts you and remember that in these super stressful days, a little indulgence is necessary to remain sane.  You are exceptional at forgiveness so don’t forget yourself too.🥰

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  3. I got a flu shot, in the autumn of 2020. It’s the second one I’ve gotten as an adult. In 2019, I went for a vaccination; got the flu about a month later anyway. It was pretty stupid to try again this time around. That’s how I see it, anyway. I became rather sick (from it) that very evening. Happily, my son who is in New Zealand had sent me a variety of New Zealand chocolate bars not long before. I ate one full of whole hazelnuts between that night and the next day. No more flu shots for me. But I told him what he had sent me made me feel better.

    I appreciate your sharing of an experience with your grown children. It’s kind of amazing how the dynamics can go. There was an evening not very long ago when the one who is currently in New Zealand and his next younger brother would hardly let the youngest get a word in edgewise, even while I was trying, repeatedly, to have a conversation on a specific subject matter with him. I don’t see the point of not listening. What do you think of praying for each other’s children (and ourselves) in that regard? I have five sons. How many children do you have?

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    1. Marleen,
      Praying is a great suggestion. I have four living, two sons and two daughters, all over 50, but as much children as when they were teenagers, sometimes. I tell you the one yesterday nearly made me get in a car and find him and kick his rump! Alcohol isn’t good for my kids, and my prayer is that the two who drink and act crazy will lose the taste for it. So, yes, I will pray for you and yours, too.


      1. Oh. I will pray concerning the alcohol topic for your two, as well as for all generally (the two boys and two girls). And thank you.


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