Prescription Medicines Make Eating Right Harder to Do

I am taking Albuterol to help me breathe. It also tends to make me jittery, but admittedly, I feel better overall using it than when I choose not to do so. But, it makes me want to eat sweets, or is it my imagination? It might be that the hyperactivity seems less challenging with cookies and ice cream.

Somehow, I find that I can justify eating the wrong foods when I am sick, as it appears that I have bigger things to worry about than if I will gain a few pounds. After all, I am trying to breathe, here, and that is so much more important to me. This allergy season is monstrous, and our cars are covered in pollen, even when they are in the garage to help stave off some of the dust. The two air purifiers added to our home have been some help, but the noise they make, even on low, gets on my nerves and I have to turn them off for short periods. Unbelievably mu husband can’t seem to hear them! He calls it white noise, with the important word being, for me, noise.

I also find that it is hard to keep a schedule and count points, when you are dealing with the effects of allergies and the side effects of the medicines prescribed. This is especially true of the bad taste that some of the medicines leave in your mouth that have you looking for something sweet to disguise the awfulness of it.

I do try to exercise, especially on the treadmill, to compensate for not eating as healthy as I had been doing. Most diets don’t tell you what to do if sickness hits. Instead, you are seemingly to have a stiff upper lip and soldier on, with no excuses allowed.

I have, more or less, stopped even trying to follow any eating regimen and just eat what I can find that doesn’t need me to stand up for a long period of time, so meat and bread sandwishes, without the extras like lettuce and tomatoes that need cutting. Thank God that mayonnaise can be squirted from a bottle! I also want processed food, such as packaged mashed potato flakes or already cooked meats, which are not only easier to prepare but tend to be comfort foods.

I have resisted ordering pizza and other fast food goodies from GrubHub or for delivery, although I would love it. I am going to take the advice of one of the folks I follow and use raw honey to try to mitigate the effects of the allergens. Then, we will see. I just wanted to rant, and I thank you for reading and for any suggestions on overcoming the worst pollen season I can remember in my 69 years of inhabiting this planet.

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