We Forgot About Colds When Removing The Masks

When the CDC informed fully vaccinated people that they could ditch their masks in most places, Douglas and I were ecstatic. We stopped wearing the masks at the gym, on hikes, and in restaurants. We had visits by two of my grandchildren and a great-granddaughter for Mother’s Day, and we went to Charleston SC for four days, living in a wonderful Airbnb apartment attached to the host’s home. We met our hosts, savoring long conversations with them, as well as made visits to different museums and parks. Last week, Douglas played 45 holes of disc golf at two new parks he found in Atlanta.

We got complacent, and this week, we are paying the price. First, Douglas became ill, and he went to the nearest urgent care facility for a Covid-19 test, which, thankfully, was negative. We were so nervous, because we had attended two churches on Sunday, both of which didn’t require masks. I shook hands with people, before even stopping to think about it, just out of Baptist habit.

Douglas had a cold. After a couple of days, I started to feel ill. Thursday, I awoke with a bad cough that wouldn’t let me get much sleep. After self-medicating with Dayquil, I decided yesterday to have Douglas take me to urgent care while he did the grocery shopping.

I saw the doctor whom I hope to see when I go there because she is good and thorough and we have great conversations. I told her that the trip was more preventative because I tend to get bronchitis during colds, but she said, “Sister-girl, you already there.” I had asthmatic bronchitis.

They administered an steroid injection, to give my immune system a jump start, and then prescriptions for a steroid, an antibiotic, and cough medicine with hydrocondone, as it hurt like the dickens to cough. I also have to use the Albuterol nebulizer three times a day. Of course, now I haven’t slept in two nights, as the different meds leave me restless, agitated, and, unfortunately, hungry, which means gaining some weight back.

We have plans to travel to see friends next week, but may have to cancel, but these friends are moving back to California next month, and next week is the only time we can see them. We will monitor the situation, but one thing we will certainly do is put back on our masks.

I know that everyone wants to be mask-free, but we learned that, to prevent a bad health situation, we must wear masks. I want to keep other people safe, as well, not wanting to bring pain and sorrow to anyone I meet, whether strangers or family and friends. So, for the foreseeable future, we will wear masks even in places where they are not required. I still believe that the worst of the pandemic is over, and I hope that the reopening we are witnessing will not result in new spurts. Be safe out there, people.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. I, like you am now wearing my mask selectively. And if I’m in a store or semi-crowded space, I’ll wear a mask for the time being. Outside, no, and it feels good to be a bit more free. We keep learning and adjusting. So much less flu and colds during the pandemic that masking during flu season and while traveling may become much more common here, just as it has been in asian countries for years.

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  2. My thoughts as a nurse: so many in our society are susceptible to becoming ill easily that I have continued to wear my mask in certain circumstances, even though the mask mandate was revoked in our area. We have seen a spike in other illnesses, and immediately started seeing more positive (new) Covid cases. The week before Easter, the hospital I work for was down to only 6 patients combined in our COViD ICU and floor. The next week the numbers jumped and we were back to 30-40 patients. As more folks were vaccinated, it has dropped, but not back to the levels just before Easter.
    My husband and I commented that when the mask mandate was revoked, everybody started acting like ALL precautions were thrown to the wind. They didn’t listen to the OTHER half of the recommendations: keep social distance, WASH YOUR HANDS (sorry my Nurse Ratchett side is coming out again).
    I am not chiding you at all, by the way. And sadly, due to my concerns about folks not being as cautious, I still have not returned to physical church. Our congregation has resumed the “greeting one another” in the past month. Knowing we are also seeing spikes in strep throat, bacterial pneumonia, and gastroenteritis (the “GI bug” that many people confuse for the flu), I am keeping my distance. Where do people go when they are sick? The grocery store, the doctor’s office, and church. We are social animals and can’t stand separation.

    Prayers for your recovery!

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