A Hallelujah Moment, But Talk about Bad Timing!

For months I couldn’t write on my blog, no matter how I tried. I seemed to have lost the passion to write. So, I decided that I wouldn’t sit each day just binging on Britbox and Acorn (I sound almost British these days). I enrolled in college, and believe me, I needed all the time I had for writing discussions, reflections, and essays, not to mention reading hundreds of pages of abstract thought every night and on weekends. So, in a way, not writing on my blog was a good thing.

When the semester ended in the first week of December, I was ready to try again on my blog, and I think I wrote just two posts. So, I concluded that, as late and great B.B. King would say: the thrill was gone. I was saddened but I retained my sites to read the posts of the people that I have come to treasure hearing from each day, even as I envied them their productivity.

Then, I woke up yesterday, and I walked into my home office, and the desire to write was so great that I wrote four new posts for the original blog and three posts on the new site. It was like the “hounds of writing hell” were snapping at my heels. My husband wondered where I had gotten off to, accustomed to hearing the telly going. He was shocked to see me in pajamas, missing breakfast, determined to write.

WordPress went into hysterics, sending me emails to congratulate me that I was getting a lot of traffic. I actually had one of the best days of my blogging life.

So, why do I say that my timing is off? Because today is the first day of the new semester. I register and start classes TODAY! I will start having readings and discusssion posts and reflections and Zoom meetings TODAY! Talk about not a time to find my blogging muse! I think it is hilarious that after praying for months to rekindle the passion to write my blogs, God chose yesterday to open the floodgates of heaven and pour out words for me to share. What a sense of humor He has! We truly are made in His image, because some of you keep me laughing on a daily basis!

So, I will learn how to merge school and blogging, knowing that I am not alone in the adventure, thank you, Lord! My devotionals will get shorter and my poems will be mainly haikus, but I will get it done, because, baby, I feel like writing once again! It a hallelujah moment for me! Thank you all for the great day yesterday, for it made me feel valued and of worth! You all are great people in my WordPress community and your words encourage and inspire me every day!

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