I Can’t Help Myself, My Lovely: Fandango Flash Fiction

Photo Credit to Darius Bashar at Unsplash.com

“I am so sorry, Darling! Please understand and forgive me! I just can’t help it!” Ashlyn felt such anguish at having to arrest Ian’s ardor as he was making some of his most ardent romantic moves, especially that one with the arch look that involves his hat! But she just had to go back downstairs and write on her novel, while she had the inclination to do so!

Barefoot and still wearing his lucky hat, she ran down the stairs. She couldn’t explain what was happening to her to him because this obsession to write a book was so abstract and he thought in concrete terms, such as who will read it or when will you finish it? Those things didn’t matter to her!

It was like asking the robin why it has to sing its song! It was just part of its nature! That her whole body strained to write was part of her nature! He acted as if she was doing this on purpose, just to spite him or something!

She heard the front door close behind him and felt a twinge of guilt and sadness, but sighing in pleasure with a slight smile on her face, she started to write. Nothing and nobody else mattered!

Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #151. Also Ragtag Daily Prompt is Song. Fandango’s Word of the Day is Whole. And the Three Things Challenge #389 prompts from Pensitivity 101 are abstract, arch, and arrest.

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