A Spender and a Saver Got Married…

Sweetwater Creek State Park, Douglasville, GA

He loved to spend on Amazon, and she religioussly saved each dollar.

He bought whatever caught his fancy, while she hoarded every cent.

He took advantage of senior deals, but as his junior, she could not,

So, she tried to stop his online spending, but he would not repent.

She saw the marriage was deteriorating faster than she wished,

But she didn’t know how to save it but she wanted to at least try.

So, she told him that she would leave if their debt got much bigger,

But, because he shopping was so a thrill, he told her bye-bye.

The moral of this story is that before you stand and say “I do,”

Check the amount of accumulated debt of the one you so adore.

And if their credit score is lower than the proverbial snake’s belly,

You’re better off alone than having your life always in an uproar.

Written for Opposing Forces, Saturday Mix, from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: spend and save, senior and junior.

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