Look Up and Appreciate the View

Photo Credit to Sarah Whiley

Looking down to avoid free-falling from atop the mountainside,

I paid no attention to the surrounding beauty as my anxiety grew.

The fact is I was foremost so concerned about a possible disaster

That I forgot to look up and enjoy the the spectacular view.

I stalked the paths as if I were searching for prey for supper,

And I nearly missed the Great Designer’s wondrous creation.

So, I stopped, looked upward, and my breath caught in my throat,

As I gleaned the wonders before me in ecstasy and grateful adoration.

Written for the Photo Challenge #398 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. I included the Three Things Challenge #844 prompts: free, foremost, and fact. Ragtag prompt is Stalk. Fandango prompt is Disaster. Word of the Day Challenge is Glean. The Daily Spur prompt is Designer.

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