Loving Others Makes the World Beautiful

Image credit to Tathanhtuan@Pixabay

My husband says I view the world through rose-colored glasses,

Because I believe that there is more good than bad in this wondrous world.

To me, God created an orderly universe, open and free for each one of us,

And the hatred that often pervades our lives doesn’t discourage this old girl.

With the Bible as my handbook on how to love and treat all of humankind,

I don’t allow people’s ugliness to blind me to the world’s amazing beauty.

The sketches of kindness drawn on the hearts of good and wonderful people

Remind me of that grand feast a-waiting all who deem love of others as our duty.

Written for the What Do You See Challenge #118 from Sadje at Keep It Alive. I also used the wonderful prompts from Pensitivity 101 in the Three Things Challenge #853: open, often, orderly. Fandango prompt is Handbook. Word of the Day Challenge is Sketches. The Daily Spur prompt is Feast.

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