Some Cures Are Off-Limits

Image from Li@TaoTalk

No amount of cha-ching could make me try acupuncture,

With my fear of all things with any sharp ends.

No matter the gain, I would rather the pain

Than do exercises that require me to bend.

Instead, give me a warm cardigan and gloves,

And in my car I’ll find a long trail that I can hike.

I’ll meander in the forest, kicking stones as I go,

For this cure appears as one that I quite like.

Written for Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #153. Ragtag Daily Prompt is Cha-ching. In bold are the substitutes for five prompts from Saturday Mix, January 22, 2022 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, Same Same But Different: sweater, leg, ride, rock, and show.

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