An Auto Museum as a Balm to My Overworked Heart

Savor Auto Museum, Cartersville, GA

Here I am at age 70, and after a lifetime of being the employee of the month or seen as a “miracle worker” on my jobs, I am still unable to let go of the need to give my best to the world. For anyone who also follows me on my other blog, Huldah’s Sisters, you know that my daily devotionals may show up in your emails at different times of the day. I am committed to being about my Father’s business, even as I am also determined not to let down my professor. But doing both is becoming quite daunting and exhausting.

Yes, I know that to think this way is wrong, but habits of a lifetime are hard to break. But, I am trying! Last week, I decided that I needed fun, which generally doesn’t happen during the semester. We went to the new Savoy Auto Musuem near us in Cartersville, GA. I LOVE cars, even though I didn’t learn to drive until I was 50 years old. The old cars there were just the balm I needed.

Of course, you couldn’t touch the cars, and you certainly couldn’t get in them, which I love to do at car shows as I pretend I can feel the wind in my hair as I soar at 100 mph. But, just to walk around them and admire their sleekness and classiness was such powerful medicine. I put all of the work aside and just had moments of pure joy, as evidenced by my smile. There were mostly men there with sons and grandsons, but we females love a great machine as well as any guy. I found such peace, and I didn’t feel any guilt at taking time for me.

That is new for me, for it matters to me to be my best. But, as I walked around the floor and saw the evidence of work of others long dead and some even forgotten, I realized that the present is all that we have. So, I will probably cut the blogs on my other site to three times a week instead of every day, and know that God isn’t bothered by my doing what’s best for me. Here are some pictures, and I didn’t think to write the names, but hopefully you’ll know them. I hope you will swoon over them as I did, if you, too, love cars.

Savoy Car Museum, Cartersville, GA
Edsel, Savoy Auto Museum, Cartersville, GA

The Rambling Wreck of Georgia Tech, Savoy Auto Museum, Cartersville, GA

Well, back to the drawing board!

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