The Death of Vocabularies

Image credit to 8Machine @Unsplash

It seems quite vain to text full sentences in this digital age.

But I can’t refrain from writing my feelings with entire words.

Yet the answers like “k” or “BTW” are again sent back in reply,

Which for someone with a large vocabulary seems really absurd.

Even though full words would be helpful and understandable,

People use 240 characters or less to say what they need to impart.

But, I believe a strong vocabulary would reduce much confusion,

Especially when texting to people who take everything to heart.

So, let’s return to teaching our children a new word each day,

And then help them to know how to use them to communicate.

Then once again they will have the large vocabularies to use

When their feelings and thoughts they wish to elucidate.

Written for What Do You See #122 from Keep It Alive by Sadje. Three Things Challenge #881 from Pensitivity 101 prompts are vain, refrain, again.


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