A Thought on Our 18th Anniversary: Will My Interracial Marriage Be Overturned?

In Abruzzo, Italy in 2019: Learning to cook Italian

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary, and I wonder if it will be our last? Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, I think we have cause to worry about the power given to nine people to determine just what having “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” means. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas noted in his argument to overturn Roe v. Wade that all rulings based on the notion of privacy should be reviewed, including contraception for married couples (certainly, I would also imagine for single people), gay marriage, and rights to consensual sex. Interestingly, he didn’t include interracial marriage, but it is based on the same notion of privacy, but, then, he is in an interracial marriage, so maybe I am getting all worked up for nothing.

Everyone in America should be concerned about the power that the Justices of the Supreme Court have to overturn legal precedents, especially as many of the laws that Justice Thomas wants to overturn regard people’s rights to do what they want with their bodies. In a democracy, if what I do with my body doesn’t directly impact your ability to enjoy your life, then you shouldn’t have the right to take away my rights.

I normally don’t do “politics” on my post, except when what occurs in the news causes my heart to do double-time in fear for this nation, such as the push to make voting harder for minorities, in an effort to make it easier for Republicans to win elections. But, also, as a Christian, I am concerned that there is a movement to turn America from a democracy to a theocracy, meaning a nation where Christians dictate the lives of everyone, according to their reading of the Bible. It is the height of hypocrisy in a democracy that religious people think it is okay to dictate other people’s lives, and that they are allowed to do so by Republican politicians attempting to grab power “by any means necessary.”

Yes, as I prepare to dress and go to a celebratory lunch with my husband, I worry about the other precedents that may be overturned, making it illegal for people to marry or have sex with whom they choose, or for married couples and single people to determine when or if they wish to parent. Today is a day when all Americans need to think about what it means to live in a democracy, and ask themselves if they are willing to lose their rights to privacy in decisionmaking on such personal issues.

I love my husband, and I will fight for interracial marriage to remain legal. The Lovings sacrificed a lot to give me the chance to marry the man I love and adore. It shouldn’t be that six people can take that right away from me. But, then, Justice Thomas didn’t include the ruling on interracial marriage among those precedents he wants to overturn. So, it is only those that affect other people’s lives, and not his married life, that he wants to change. I find that interesting and frightening!

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  1. I agree, I pray that your marriage is not overturn in the future. Too many so call Christians are playing God, my question is this God is still on His Throne and not anyone else. I have a daughter who is chronically ill and has adrenal cancer she has panic because of the way doctors treat her (I am white and her dad is not, we are going through a divorce because he is abusive) and she is in fear of losing any of her medications. Too many so call Christians (because in my eyes they are not) are judging everyone, when you point a finger at someone there is three others that are point back at you (the person who is judging another)

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  2. I wish I could say something to ease your worries; I’ve also/ always feared too much governmental meddling in our personal/private lives. It’s as if we are going down a rabbit hole . . .with the governments (all over the world) getting just too involved in our personal/private decisions in the past few years. . .We all need to be vigilant and aware of our rights while we still have them. . .Tyranny always starts slowly. . .Happy Anniversary. . .

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  3. They aren’t going to pass any rules that infringe on their personal freedoms. You can be sure of that. They are so sure of themselves that anything they do couldn’t possibly be wrong. Distressing times. Let’s hope the voters show how they feel about present setbacks.

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  4. I hope we won’t look the other way to protect ourselves. Righteousness is what exalts the nation.
    If the unborn are killed for convenience, then sooner than later full-grown adults will be endangered for convenience too.
    The motive and intent of abortion are NOT limited to the unborn.
    The same motive is inclusive.
    We need to ask God to reveal where this is going because it won’t stop with the unborn.
    This is a basic humane issue that doesn’t even need any religious affiliation.
    The Good Samaritan could look the other way too. After all, the man bleeding to death on the side of the road isn’t his loved one. Not did he have anything to do with the bloody robbery.
    It has no impact on his personal life either. After all, the man could be dead already.
    In a way of thinking, a stranger dying on the side of a desert 🏜️ road “should” not negatively impact society at large.
    The Good Samaritan helped because he had a conscience.
    A Holy Spirit-inspired conscience will not give you peace until you do the right thing — help the helpless at a personal cost.

    I believe some of us the “judgemental-telling-others-what-to-do” Christians just have a heightened conscience that won’t let us have peace until we speak against evil.

    Jeremiah had the same problem. He wanted to stay out of everyone’s business and let them wreck themselves if they wanted to. But the words God gave him to speak became “fire in his bones” until he spoke.

    The question is, what is the MIND and WISH of God concerning all this?

    I hope that matters more to us than what we think.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. I, too, pray for discernment and that God will deliver us from evil, however we define it. I am not for abortion, let me make that clear. I appreciate your message and it has meant a lot to me.

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  5. I.ve been alone since 1987, so from my point of view it’s obvious that relationships are already being regulated. I’m still hanging on to my relationship with Jesus Christ.

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