Keeping the Promises We Make to Ourselves: Wordle 601

I define Genving as the art of making promises to oneself regarding one’s dreams for the future. It is a call to the life that we want to live.

The suffering of depression has ended.

No more tears stream down my face.

The skeletons of the past that bound me

Have been blocked in every case.

Now, I fall on my knees in gratefulness,

Because I’m not wandering blindly in the dark.

So, I made myself a promise that I’ll keep

To not listen to others but to my own heart.

Written for the No-Nonsense Saturday Mix from Mindlovemiseery’s Menagerie. It requires us to take the made-up word offered, create a definition for it, and then use it in the proper way and context. The word this week is Genving. Also written for Wordle 601 from The Sunday Whirl from BWarren. The words of the wordle are promise, suffering, dream, want, life, knees, call, skeletons, listen, wandering, block, and dreams.

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