Returning to the Real Me

Fort in St. Augustine Florida February 2021

Shaking, she read the document, a testimony to her impregnable faith in herself: Dissolution of Marriage. The nightmare was over! John had shown no regard for her wanting to return to being a nurse practitioner, an honorable profession that bolstered her self-esteem.

He’d controlled her with muscle and verbal violence. Remembering the courageousness of the equestrian activites of her youth, she filed for a divorce, returning to the brave woman she had once been before being blinded by his charms.

Fictional story written for the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammiscribbles: 81 words on Dissolution. Also used the Three Things Challenge #M300 from Pensitivity 101: regard, esteeem, honorable.Fandango Word of the Day is Impregnable. Ragtag Daily Prompt is Muscle. Word of the Day Challenge is Equestrian.

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