Daily Writing Prompt: Taking Risks Leads to Success

Daily writing prompt
Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.

Three years after becoming the legal guardian for my two nieces and nephews, I couldn’t find work in my hometown. I had to borrow milk for my infant son because my husband had given up on the marriage. I felt like a failure, and every day was lived stressed about where our next meal would come from.

Then, I felt the Lord telling me to go to Atlanta, the closest big city, but I had no family there. I also didn’t have travel money. I couldn’t leave a five-month-old baby behind! Yet, I trusted God.

One day, I called a lady that I had met when I lived in Atlanta before, and she informed me that if I could find a way there, she would give the baby and me a place to stay, although she never had taken a child into her boarding house. Over the next few weeks, I wondered how I could get the money for travel, especially after my mother agreed to take care of the other four children until I could send for them.

Then, one day, I revealed my dilemma to a neighbor whose child attended kindergarten with one of my children. It was out of the ordinary for me to share my difficulties, being shy and lacking trust in people. I was desperate, though. Imagine my joy when she told me her family was traveling to Atlanta that weekend, and the baby and I could ride with her. She warned me that her seven children would be loud, and they did scream all the way!

Despite her husband drinking vodka or gin all the way as he drove the car, we arrived in Atlanta safely! That next Tuesday, I applied at the telephone company where I had been laid off over a year earlier. A wonderful woman came out of the back office and informed me that the company had searched for me for eight months to rehire me. On Thursday, I had a job! Less than one week after arriving. Even better, my landlady and her husband agreed to babysit my infant boy.

I brought my other four children to live with me three years later. One year later, I bought us a house, a dream that growing up in poverty, I never thought would come true! My life became a success story after that one decision to not allow fear to keep us in poverty. Today, I am retired, fulfilling other dreams, such as earning a doctorate and becoming a college professor. Two of my children are business owners, and I am preparing to travel again to Europe.

Taking risks is scary, but nothing ventured means nothing gained. I don’t think I would still be alive if I had not followed the prompting of God in my spirit and put my trust in Him to bring me into the plan He had for my life and my children’s lives. Taking risks is part of living, and you can’t allow fear to deter you from the success that is yours to possess. I don’t regret taking that first risk!

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