You Have to Trust Somebody: What Do You See?

Image Credit: Noah Buscher@ Unsplash

Alone on the precipice, looking down in fear at the ripple marks on the rocks,

I wanted to reach for the rescue represented by the outstretched hand.

But trusting others is a challenge for me and has been so since childhood,

When I suffered so horribly from ugly conquests that others planned.

It is an enigma to me that so many people can easily believe in others,

Because I have witnessed the heartaches that accompany deceit.

Yet, I knew that I needed help if I was going to live another day,

So, I grabbed the hand offered so I would not encounter defeat.

As my feet touched once again on the top of the mountain,

I realized that you must learn to trust that some people are good.

Trusting others will spice up my life, overcoming a shortage of friends.

And I will find joy in the presence of others, as I’ve learned we all should.

Written for the What Do You See #183 from Sadje at Keep It Alive. Fandango prompt is Represent. Ragtag Daily Prompt is Ripple Marks. Word of the Day Challenge is Spice. The Daily Spur prompt is Shortage. Also added the Three Things Challenge #M311: challenge, conquest, and enigma.

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