Carrying the Needs of Others on Our Backs: What Do You See #184

Long past the summer of her life,

With hands thickened by the constant water trips,

The grandmother still carries the filled buckets

Around her sturdy neck, never letting them slip.

It is not sporadic work, for it’s a daily necessity.

So, she does the hard work once done by beasts.

The rich who partake of the refreshment provided

Can’t see her humanity, too focused on their feasts.

Women have supplied the needs of the world forever,

And their own joy and peace don’t seen to count.

But, over the centuries, women have become stronger,

And their contributions we can no longer discount.

Written for What Do You See #184 from Sadje at Keep It Alive. Fandango Prompt is Sporadic. Ragtag Daily Prompt is Thick. The Daily Spur prompt is Summer.

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