I Choose to Dance Today: Tale Weaver #309

I could sit and listen to the commentary

Until I became a basket case and just cried.

But, I chose to do something a little different,

To assuage the shame and fear I feel inside.

I chose to listen to some music and dance,

To keep me distracted from all of the news.

Barry White singing of first, last, and everything

Reminded me that life is more than the blues.

As I twirled and twisted and moved my feet,

I knew that in order to remain quite sane,

I needed to find a way to laugh and feel joy,

To be distracted from my suffering and pain.

It worked for several minutes as I smiled

At the thought that no matter what may come,

While I have no control over what happens,

It’s in my power how I choose to respond.

Written for Tale Weaver #309 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie: Basket case. Your Daily Prompt is Distracted.

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