Keeping Love Alive

Prompt for Lynn Tuesday Picture Prompt Challenge

Jenna and Scott took a blanket and lunch, which consisted of easy-open tin cans of vienna sausages and peach halves, for an intimate meal beside the lighthouse where they first met. The views of the water and the far horizons were mesmerizing, an aspect that fueled their love of this wonderous place. Although tired after working 12-hour days, they knew that if they were to keep their marriage and sanities, they had to do more than simply sit at home on beautiful days and hope for change.

Written for the Lynn Tuesday Picture Prompt # 30. Fandango prompt is Intimate. Ragtag promptis Blanket. Word of the Day Challenge is Mesmerizing. The Daily Spur prompt is Aspect. Also included is the prompts from The Three Things Challenge from Pensitivity 101: tired, tin, more.

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