Free to Travel Again: What Do You See?

Photo by Timor Kozmenko

It had been so long since she was able to travel and enjoy the cultures of other places! Finally, vaccines are working, and freedom to move about the world has been restored. Her nerves were nearly frayed from the strain of being isolated from nature and other people! This place had all that she loved: mountains, tree branches full of exotic fruit, and heavy doors carved with such precision and beauty.

After a breakfast of wild strawberries and cream, she dressed in her favorite traveling red skirt and black top, although a kimono would have been more appropriate. Within seconds of the doors starting to open, she ran towards the gates, careful not to stumble and subsequently touch that which was forbidden for visitors to handle.

Holding her hands to her throat in sheer delight at the spectacular beauty ahead of her, she looked around her in admiration. There wasn’t anything haughty or proud in her running to be first to enter; she was just so excited to be here, and her insides were as procellus as the sea near her villa.

Normally she had a tendency toward prolixity, but today she kneeled in quiet contemplation. This was a place to worship the Creator of Heaven and Earth in humble adoration!

Viva Travel!

Fictional story written for What Do You See? #64 from Keep It Alive, using the Wordle #222 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompts are haughty, branches, procellus, prolixity, touch, stumble, throat, wild strawberries, heavy, fray, kimono, and seconds.

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  1. You’ve described what most of us feel like doing, traveling and visiting other countries and cultures. Beautifully written Regina and very expert use of all the prompt words. Thanks for joining in my friend


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