Some People Aren’t Meant for You: Wordle #223

He seemed irresistible standing in the front of the dive bar on 8th Street! To say he was gorgeous was an understatement, if she’d ever heard one. Standing beside a beautiful girl, whose rose-quartz colored dress was embedded with crystals and had been designed to hug her aortistic numbers of curves, Calla thought that she would never have a chance to link up with him, just the two of them.

The thing was that Calla generally made conquests easy, with wives and girlfriends tossed aside. To be able to take another woman’s man was an affirmation of her perceived value and worth. But this time, she was out of her league. Well, she thought, “Sometimes you got to know when to cut your losses.” She took one more glance, and then walked into the bar to find another hapless soul.

Written for the Wordle #223 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The twelve prompt are in bold print. Also, included are the Three Things Challenge from Pensitivity 101: girl, easy, and tossed.

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