Can I Stay Fit On My Own?

I cancelled my subscription to the diet program that I was using to get to my weight-loss goal. I was encouraged to become a lifetime member. But as a retiree, I don’t actually have a lot of resources to spend between $22 to $45 a month just to use the website to keep a record of what I eat and how many points I have used for the day. I pretty well know the points count for the food I love, so I decided that maybe it’s not meant for people to stay on the diet forever.

But, now that it’s been about a week since I quit the program, I find myself wondering if I can maintain the weight loss without help. I haven’t gained any weight lately, keeping steadfast at about 127 pounds, which seems wonderful for me. But, admittedly, I am less than mellow on the idea of gaining the woeight back. Yet, to continue to depend on a program to keep me fit seems like dependency.

It just appears to me that there should be a time of graduation and letting go of one’s dependency on a program, so you can know if you actually learned the lessons taught. If not, then maybe there needs to be a different program that doesn’t require a life-time commitment.

I was wildly happy at each of my graduations during my school days. You leave elementary school for junior high (or middle school today), then to high school, college, and finally you graduate into real life where a job awaits. So, for me, it should be only natural that at some point, you leave the safety of a weight-loss program for real life, however you define it for yourself.

I have lots more energy today, and I am so thankful for all that I have learned about eating right and healthily. Yet, to make it seem that I can’t survive and be adult about weight loss without metaphorically remaining “breast-fed” is disturbing for me. So, I chose not to be a lifetime member, and to cut the cord, so to speak.

For me, the only aspects of life that we don’t retire from or graduate from are parenthood and marriage. We make a lifelong commitment to these two entities in life. Admittedly, I amy not make the rpogress I did, as I nearly religiously kept records of everything I ate, but I think that I have learned enough to go on my own. I hope so, anyways!

What are your thoughts on the matter? Have you been successful going it alone, or did you find that you could only stay true to the program by being a member?

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