Embracing Being the Matriarch

There’s no generation of women before me to consult,

For I am the matriarch of the family, the oldest female.

It’s a role I embrace joyfully, as healer, the wiper of tears,

And as the repository of ancient stories by which I was regaled.

Written for the D’Verse Quadrille #121 from D’verse Poets Pub. The prompt is Let’s Embrace, in a quadrille, which is a poem of 44 words exactly. 

"In this time of global pandemic, most of us are not hugging people who are not in our bubble, and most of us are not going out and socializing. You might be embracing a loved one you are with, or you might be missing the embrace of one you’re not able to be with. Some people may be embracing new ideas, routines, or hobbies.

So, today I’m asking you to use the word “embrace” in a quadrille. The word can be used as a noun, verb, or a modifier."

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