Wonderful Husband Material: 70-year-old Man with the Spirit of a 10-year-old Boy

Valentine’s week is a time for reflection for those of us supremely blessed to have a wonderful partner, spouse, significant other, or boo. We wonder what gifts are appropriate to demonstrate our appreciation for their continued love and support for our dreams, hopes, and wants.

It is particularly difficult for me to find gifts for Douglas, because he wants one-of-a kind gifts, unique and strange objects, and my mind runs more to the traditional, such as ties. So, I start sweating about 30 days before his birthday, our anniversary, or any gift-giving holidays, and this one is no exception.

He has a playful spirit, and, as I have said before, there seems to be a ten-year-old boy trying to escape out of his 70-year-old body. We saw the sign on the tree above while hiking last week that read “Hug Me,” and he couldn’t resist doing so, even as I laughed at his playfulness. He steps in puddles rather than go around them, and on our vacations, he tries all of the new sports, like scuba diving in Hawaii or swimming alone in the Mediterranean Sea in Spain, which fails to palliate my fears.

Sweetwater Creek State park! He couldn’t resist the message!
The only person in the ocean, but he did grow up in the Bay area of California!

If he sees a path not taken, he goes exploring, usually with me requesting we stay on the path with other people around. I finally follow him, and sure enough, I have always had great fun and saw things I am so glad that we didn’t miss. He has turned me into an intrepid wanderer, a gift that has brought me such joy over our nearly 18 years of history together.

I generally schedule him “Dougie days” each vacation that allow him to go off on his own and indulge his youthful exuberance, away from my policing and screams! Another side of him that I just love is that he never meets a stranger, meaning that he can and will talk to anyone. In fact, I sometimes have to rescue people by pulling him away! These days, I have to remind him to social distance and, “for goodness sakes, pull your mask up!”

His sense of humor is definitely not adult, and I am perfectly happy with that part of him. He keeps me laughing with his antics, and when people stare at him, I tell them that he is a perfectly normal 10-year-old! I wouldn’t change him at all!

In Elche Spain 2018, a new friend!
Pompeii, Italy 2019

So, I have started the hunt for a Valentine’s gift, one unique and still somewhat practical. It will probably be quirky socks or some unique hat, two gifts he loves. I have to order it online today, if I want it delivered before Sunday. Thankfully, he always receives my gifts and smiles, even if they aren’t what he really digs, and like one with the spirit of a ten-year-old, the unwanted gifts disappear into his king cave, never to be seen again!

Fandango prompt is Taken. Ragtag prompt is History! Your Daily Prompt is Palliate. The Daily Spur prompt is Pull.

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  1. G’day Regina, I hardly pop into my LinkedIn account but here you are this morning and I was so inspired with this blog that I’ve shared it on my own Facebook page. Happy Valentines Day to you and your Boo ❤

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