Ode to a Gingerbread House (A Little Humor): Sunday Writing Prompt

How I would’ve loved to grow up in a Gingerbread House,

One where the home was truly sweet.

With graham crackers for walls and doors,

It would be a delightful place to meet and greet.

But, with my sweet tooth and love of sugar,

Before you know it, I would be out of a home.

I’d start with the gum drops and peppermint canes,

And the M&Ms would be eaten before too long.

The cupcakes surrounding the garden areas

Would most likely not stand a real chance

Of lasting past the second week of residency,

As my gluttonous eyes capture them in my glance.

So, it’s best that I build a residence with wood

And anchor it with massive rocks or stone.

Because, with my inability to resist all things sugary,

It will last longer than any gingerbread home.

Written for the Sunday Writing Prompt for February 7, 2021 from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The prompt was Ginger but the photo was of a gingerbread house. I couldn’t resist the humor, which we all need right now.

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