Hair Don’t Make the Man: Tale Weaver #315

Although his head had lost its hair,

I was so proud of the man he portrayed.

The cancer that caused him to go bald

Couldn’t alter him into someone staid.

As he listened to the awful diagnosis,

He was glad that the doctor didn’t deceive

About the very real difficulties that he faced.

He asked questions, not trying to ignore the facts,

Understanding that he had no time to waste.

I looked on in awe as he bravely fought the battle,

Knowing the outcome could mean his loss.

And unlike Samson whose hair was his strength,

My warrior put all of his faith in Calvary’s Cross.

Today, he is healthy and cancer-free once again,

But his hair never returned as we thought.

Yet, being bald takes away nothing at all

From the man whom faith and courage have wrought.

Poem written for two of the prompts from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. The Tale Weaver #315 prompt is the Bald Man. The Saturday Mix is Same, Same, But Different, and it requires using synonyms of the words given. The prompts from yesterday, with the synonyms used in parentheses, were Change (alter), Effect (outcome), Skip (Ignore), Betray (Deceive) and Wonder (Awe).

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