Trying to Overcome Weight Loss Fatigue

After about ten months, I am feeling tired of struggling to get to an ideal weight. I knew that losing weight wasn’t a walk in the park, but the constant vigilance over what to eat and how much to eat is a source of great anxiety that tends to send me into emotional eating of my preferred comfort foods. I am at my original goal weight, and maybe I should be satisfied with having lost over 20 pounds in the last year.

But, when I read of people having lost 50-100 pounds in the same period, I feel as if I just need a kick in the backside and someone to say, “Grow a backbone, Sister.” I think I need to gird my determination and perseverance and study the science of weight loss more for myself. My husband, a good guy whom I love and who I understand wants me healthy to live a long life and enjoy our lives together, is as worrisome as some parts of the program I have chosen to utilize.

I just can’t seem to fully understand how to count points or use his exchanges. For example, he told me this morning in regards to breads that you pay attention to how many you can have each day, and then you determine how to get them in a healthy way. It’s like he is barking up the wrong tree. Yet, I understand the fundamentals of losing weight, namely, eat less and move more.

Admittedly, being stuck in the house for months and not being consistent in going out to exercise because of fear of the coronavirus, make the journey to losing just five more pounds harder than it would be. Now that we have had both of our COVID-19 vaccinations, I suggested a trip to St. Augustine, Florida, for long walks and great seafood, especially shrimp, sea bass, scallops, amd other shellfish that my husband cannot eat and, subsequently, which I don’t get to partake of, as we try not to spend a lot of money eating different foods.

Ultimately, it’s a struggle that I know that I will win. My subscription ends in four months, June 2021, so I need to lose at least a pound and a half each month, to reach the goal and not be defined as overweight. Getting away next week will help me, I am sure, just by a change in scenery and seeing the ocean, which always makes my soul feel loved and brings me peace, tranquility, and joy.

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  1. I don’t like reading this because for years and I mean years, I struggled with weight.  I lost it all and put it back on like a yo-yo and now I am just stopping all of it.  I am what I am and stopped stressing about it.

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    1. I think you are right. It seems to have taken over my life. I weigh each day and feel such a failure if I have gained any. I know better than allow anything this kind of power, but being retired, I seem not to be useful, so I am here. I hope going away will help.

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      1. Weighing every day is not good. Water or lack of it can vary in pounds each day. I think that is a mistake and puts undue pressure on people. In order for me to lose weight I had to go on a strict 300 calorie a day diet through the weight loss clinic when I was thirty. So unhealthy! I’ll never put myself through that again. No one should.

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  2. Know that a person who loses a hundred pounds in a year was probably 5-600lbs to begin with. The closer to your goal you are the slower the weight comes off and the more you have to do to lose it. I feel you’re doing very well.

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  3. I was going to echo what Mason said about it getting much more difficult the closer one approaches goal. If you’re interested in a different way to approach things, Geneen Roth has written and taught a lot on the subject. Her book Women, Food and God is a classic. I’m dealing with those last few pounds myself.

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