Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner, Week #6

MorgeFiles e32881395fc4c55bc54564d3da961 Kendall was overjoyed at the delicious thrill of rappeling down the mountain! Reputed to be a workaholic, in truth, there was nowhere on the planet that he would rather be right now. He had worked extreme hours because the other two members of his team, Jeff and Michelle, were persistent in their efforts... Continue Reading →

Voting is Everything in A Democracy: Weekend Writing Prompt

In a crucible of our democractic right to vote, Acts by fringe groups tried to take an axe The principle of the nation: one voice, one vote, But, thankfully police turned back the attack! Complacent being complaisant to a despots's will, They entered Congress's halls without warning, Intent on ravishing people who certify the votes,... Continue Reading →

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